BBM Maschinenbau

Smart design, Smart operation, High quality German built equipment with the lowest impact on the environment of any blow moulder on the market. These machines will keep on returning value for many years of operation. PROVEN all electric machines, accurate from the first cycle!

Feuerherm - PWDS

Feuerherm pioneered PWDS technology in 1977 and remain the market leader offering reliable and high performing systems for radial wall thickness distribution systems which help reduce uneccessary weight and redistribute the remaining weight into areas of the container that need it more.

Hesta Blasformtechnik

Because of the quick exchange capability of the mould mounting, blow pins and heads, these machines offer a great deal of flexibility and an optimised system to greatly reduce set-up-time.

CYPET Technologies

CYPET have patented a unique Single Stage ISB PET Process that utilises the lowest energy, able to produce ultra wide mouth PET containers and can mould a 120 Litre PET container!

Blue Air

Ancillary systems that increase efficiency of your moulding operations. Blue Air supply dehumifiers for mould sweat control, blow air coolers for supply of ultra cold air to the blow moulder to increase container output and extremely energy efficient non desiccant based resin dryers for drying hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic resins.


It is our passion to perfectly combine our unique High Speed Vision Technology with our Handling Systems to supply Complete System Solutions for our customer’s benefit.


Materials handling systems.

Batch to batch dosing accuracy like no other and 100% homogeneous mixing with patented mixing technology!

The payoff from greater consistency is greater profit – it’s as simple as that!

SCHWING - Thermal Cleaning

SCHWING deliberately takes advantage of the individual cleaning processes, for example pyrolysis under vacuum or fluidised bed pyrolysis and combines them with almost 50 years of experience in thermal process control. This produces customised cleaning concepts for specific applications, tools and/or materials satisfying every customer.


Aquapurge purging compounds will increase productivity on injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion equipment by reducing colour changes, decarbonising and colour plate-out on plastics processing machinery.

Biosphere Plastic Biodegradable Additive

Biosphere Plastic has designed a unique environmental solution. Their unique plastic additive when placed into the base polymer such as PP, PE, PS, PET and other major resin types enhances the biodegradability of these polymers.


The SCANFILL material’s superior environmental benefits are based on the fact that half of the oil based polymer is replaced with a natural mineral with, in comparison, a very low environmental impact. SCANFILL grades are approved for direct contact with food.

QUORAL® - Monolayer Barrier Additive

Quoral® is a monolayer barrier additive that offers better performing barrier performance than Fluorination without the complexity of multi-layer extrusion. Quoral® will offer 2x – 5x improved O2 barrier performance over standard HDPE. The use of Quoral will also offer excellent aroma barrier properties and will offer 100x better hydrocarbon barrier properties than standard HDPE.

Cutting Edge Machine & Materials Technology

PakTec Pty Ltd. specialises in cutting edge machine technology for Blow moulding which has the lowest energy consumption and footprint as well as high performance Injection moulding machinery and materials handling and ancillary equipment for the plastics industry, equipment such as dehumidifiers, resin dryers and compressed air chillers and thermal cleaning systems.

PakTec is also exclusively supplying materials for plastics processing that offer great environmental benefits such as pre-compounded materials with mineral fillers (calcium carbonate) which reduces the percentage of polymer in the packaging. Biodegradable additives, Monolayer barrier additives and Purging compounds.

Due to extensive experience in the blow moulding and injection moulding industries, we are able to offer consultancy services for product design, equipment specifications, factory layouts and many other facets of technical consultancy.

Machinery The Way You Want It

BBM Maschinenbau
From the beginning the company has taken its responsibility for the environment seriously by designing and developing high-performance blow moulding machines that reduce energy consumption and optimise the use of precious raw materials Find Out More

HESTA Blasformtechnik
Hesta has many machines operating in both Australia and New Zealand. Hesta machines are well-known worldwide for their exceptional quality, reliability and productivity. The HESTA blow moulding machines require much less production floor space than many competitive machines due to their extremely compact construction and accessibility of production and maintenance areas of the machines are easily accessed Find Out More