TSMFor the past 36 years, we’ve been supplying blending and control systems that enable companies to achieve the level of precision that their production processes demand. The payoff from greater consistency is greater profit – it’s as simple as that!

Jim O’Callaghan – President

Jim sums it up perfectly! The TSM-Controls range of equipment epitomise excellent build quality, excellent reliability and stand alone accuracy.

TSM Controls has both Loss In Weight (LIW) blending systems as well as Gravimetric blending systems, vacuum pumps and filters and loaders for central material handling systems integration.

TSM-Controls is able to react to each customers unique requirements in a creative and cost effective way. With the patented slide gate control and patented reverse auger mixing, the TSM-Controls equipment gives a return on investment from the moment it is switched on due to unmatched reliability and accuracy.


About Paktec

PakTec Pty Ltd. specialises in cutting edge machine technology for blow moulding which has the lowest energy consumption and footprint as well as materials handling and ancillary equipment for the plastics industry. PakTec is also exclusively supplying materials for plastics processing that offer great environmental benefits such as the ability to biodegrade in landfill (aerobic and anaerobic environments) as well as reducing the percentage of polymer in the packaging.