HESTA Blasformtechnik

HESTA BlasformtechnikHesta has many machines operating in both Australia and New Zealand. Hesta machines are well-known worldwide for their exceptional quality, reliability and productivity. The HESTA blow moulding machines require much less production floor space than many competitive machines due to their extremely compact construction and accessibility of production and maintenance areas of the machines are easily accessed.

Because of the quick exchange capability of the mould mounting, blow pins and heads, these machines offer a great deal of flexibility and an optimised system to greatly reduce set-up-time. The shuttle machines feature a secure article discharge due to the fact that the transport masks are directly connected to the blow pin. This feature allows the user to employ HESTA machines cost effectively while yielding extremely high levels of productivity.

Hesta also has a range of full electric machines which further compliment the PakTec philosophy of machinery and materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Your company can only benefit from the advantages associated with very low power consumption, small footprint, lightening fast job changes and a reputation for excellent reliability!

Please give us the opportunity to discuss your next machine purchase with you, you may be very surprised at what we can offer!


About Paktec

PakTec Pty Ltd. specialises in cutting edge machine technology for blow moulding which has the lowest energy consumption and footprint as well as materials handling and ancillary equipment for the plastics industry. PakTec is also exclusively supplying materials for plastics processing that offer great environmental benefits such as the ability to biodegrade in landfill (aerobic and anaerobic environments) as well as reducing the percentage of polymer in the packaging.