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BBM Maschinenbau is the market leader for all electric extrusion blow moulding machines.  BBM began by offering an overhaul and refurbishment service for European made extrusion blow moulding machines, this service is still offered.

BBM works exclusively with Reifenhäuser and use Reifenhäuser extruders on their machines, this gives their machines two significant benefits, it is possible to remove the screw from the rear of the machine without having to remove the extrusion head and high performance efficient extrusion with very low power consumption!

BBM does not follow the market, they lead the market by continually developing their electric machine technology and by working closely with their customers to supply equipment that perfectly suits “our” customers requirements. Almost every machine is special!

BBM introduced the first all electric extrusion blow moulder with 150 kN of clamping force in 2006.  They now produce machines with a clamping force from 10 up to 650 tons!

BBM produces machinery for  Consumer packaging, Industrial packaging, Large blow moulding, Automotive and Technical moulding.

BBM has the worlds fastest all electric 30 litre blow moulding machine!

BBM now offer the EcoPET Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Moulding machine. This machine technology was pioneered by SIG, BBM purchased the patent IP for this machine and has evolved the machine by making the machine fully electric.  This machine comes in two formats, 10/2 and 5/1.  This is respectfully 10 preform cavities/2 blow shell cavities and 5 preform cavities/1 blow shell cavity.  This machine offers a great deal of flexibility by offering high output and low tooling costs.

EcoPET 10/2             Bottle Range:       50 ml – 2,000 ml

EcoPET   5/1             Bottle Range:  1,000 ml – 5,000 ml

For example the EcoPET 10/2 can produce 1.5 litre bottles at 2,000 per hour!